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Name of FormDownload Form
Application for Water ServiceApplication for Water Service
Fire AgreementFire Agreement
Business Forms 
Initial Business License ApplicationInitial Business License Application
Business License Renewal ApplicationBusiness License Renewal Application
Affidavit Verifying StatusAffidavit Verifying Status
Building & Sign Permits 
Sign Permit ApplicationSign Permit Application
Historic Preservation Forms 
Application for Certificate of Appropriateness-Exterior Structure

Certificate of Appropriateness Cover Sheet

Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Lexington Historic Preservation Commission 2021 Meeting ScheduleLHPC 2021 Meeting Schedule
Historic Preservation Website MaterialsHPC Website Materials

Because of the importance the citizens put on the character of the city, a number of ordinances have been adopted to protect that character.

Applications and forms are available at City Hall (in a rack on the door) or on this page.

The owner of the property is legally responsible for getting all required permits. If you are using contractors, make sure they get the required permits before beginning construction or renovation.

Zoning Ordinance – defines allowable uses of land and buildings within the City Limits.

Subdivision Regulations – Apply to any division of any existing lot.

Sewage and Septic Tank Regulations – Requires approval by the County Sanitarian for any new septic tank installation. The county Health Department is located in the Multi-purpose building at 305 Union Point Street. 743-8181.

Building Permit – Required prior to any construction of, addition to, or alteration of a building or if you are demolishing all or part of a building. Also required before a building or manufactured/mobile home is moved onto a lot. Manufactured/mobile homes locating within the city limits must comply with certain minimum construction standards and installation requirements. It is in your best interest to attend the meeting where the application will be discussed in order to facilitate granting of the permit should anything on the application form be questioned by the Council. Construction or alterations within the Historic District will also require a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Lexington Historic Preservation Commission before a building permit may be issued.

Historic Preservation Ordinance – Applies within the Lexington Historic District and provides a municipal policy for the protection of historic properties in order to protect and enhance property values. Requires Design Review and Certificate of Appropriateness for any new building construction or relocation, any additions, alterations or demolition of or to existing buildings or structures, and projects involving significant historic landscape features (such as street trees, major landscape changes, fences and retaining walls).

Design Review Guidelines are available at City Hall, Oglethorpe County Library, or Athens Regional Library.

You must apply to the Lexington Historic Preservation Commission for your Certificate of Appropriateness, and, in order to facilitate the process in a timely manner, you should plan to appear at the meeting to discuss your project. This will enable the commission members to ask questions and clarify anything not clear on the application. If you are not present to answer questions, the application can be tabled until the next meeting.

You should begin the application process at least 45 days prior to the date you wish to start construction. Incomplete applications will be returned for further information before the review process begins.

The Commission will take into consideration: heights, setback and placement on the lot, all exterior construction materials, architectural detailing, roof shapes, forms and materials, proportions, shapes, positions, and location of doors and windows, general form and proportion, structural conditions and soundness, appurtenant fixtures and other environmental features such as outbuildings, fences, walkways, lighting, and significant landscape designs and plantings.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is not required if you are only doing interior work to a historic building, or you are doing only repair or maintenance work and you are not changing the design or materials of the building. For example: painting (including color), re-caulking windows, minor landscaping projects, or replacing materials with the same materials).

Lexington Preservation Handbook:

Please click on the following link to access the Lexington Preservation Handbook online. CLICK HERE for Lexington Preservation Handbook

Physical copies of the Preservation Handbook can be found in City Hall.